Week one and done

The last four days of Whole 30 required venturing out into the world with my new habits just a bit. Thursday night I had 40 minutes to kill between teaching a yoga-class and retrieving Max and his buddies from basketball, so I stopped by Starbucks and ordered a peach tranquility tea to sip while I waited. It smelled heavenly. “So sweet”, I thought. Uh-oh. Sweet. I quickly googled the tea, and low and behold, it was in fact made with candied peaches. I spent my time in Starbucks smelling my tea and pondering the fact that I was in a Starbucks not drinking or eating a thing. Was I crazy? Had I gone too far? Is this what it feels like to stick to a plan? I vacillated between feeling like a silly fad dieter to feeling completely empowered. You see, there was a time in my life I planned my day around my coffee and accompanying coffee cake.  Continue reading Week one and done

Thoughts from day three

Whoa. I didn’t sleep for two nights, one of them extremely uncomfortable, so I don’t really know if the shakes and overwhelming feelings of vulnerability and hyper-emotionality I experienced  yesterday were due to Whole 30 detoxification, lack of sleep or PMS. I tried a few times to blog about my doubts and panicky feelings, but I was quite verbose and not comfortable posting my ramblings. However, I whimpered myself to sleep last night, slept like a baby and I awoke, well-rested and with my feet landed back on the ground. Yay!  Continue reading Thoughts from day three

Come to me, sweet sleep

When I wake up, it’s officially a go. However, I have to fall asleep first. I think my insomnia stems from a combination of:

  • My first grain-free day since I was four months old (and almost dairy and sugar-free). I wanted to ease myself in, so I kind of started today, but I feel ravenous, and it’s not yet day one!
  • Nervousness about going back to reality with school and work tomorrow. I’ve got the normal stuff, plus a few more new commitments I’ve added this semester.
  • The delicious smelling chicken broth simmering on my stove over-night. The smell is intoxicating. Perhaps that is why I feel so hungry?

Continue reading Come to me, sweet sleep

Fears and intentions

We’ve 48 hours until our official start. My more experienced Whole 30 friends recommended a Monday start in order to have the weekend to plan and prepare for each week. The OCD side of me really wanted day one to be January 1, but I get it. Slow and steady wins the race. Can’t go wrong with more preparation, and a few days’ distance from the holidays is probably a gentler approach.

This also gives me a bit more time to examine my intentions and my fears. Continue reading Fears and intentions

Whole 30 preparation

In January, my husband TJ and I will begin the Whole 30 program. I’ve been mentally preparing since before Thanksgiving. I’ve purchased the book. I’m reading it. I’ve got friends and family doing it at the same time, and I’ve already started to play with going gluten-free. I’m ready, right? My good friend, a nutritionist and Whole 30 coach, Green Plate Kate, indicated that maybe I’m not. I had mentioned  being worried that old eating disorder stuff may come up, and her response was, “ooh, I’m not sure you should do it then…. If you’re prone to it W30 really screws with you, it sends people off the deep end. You’ve heard of orthorexia”? Continue reading Whole 30 preparation