One to One Yoga Sessions

Private classes are one of the quickest and safest ways to begin a life-changing practice and prepare yourself for a public yoga class. Work with me through a beginners template of five progressive classes designed to create confidence and inspire exploration.

Class 1– Ground: Connect, align, empower

Awaken your feet and gain greater mind-body awareness. Root down to rise up.

Class 2– Strengthen: Engage and integrate

Engage your core to access unknown strength. Find alignment and ease in arm balances.

Class 3–  Expand: Access and open

Explore the heart space. Learn to back bend with stability and integration.

Class 4–  Balance: Synthesize and challenge

Align, connect and engage, and do it on one foot.

Class 5– Breathe: Restore and reflect

Explore the subtle aspects of yoga. Lengthen and twist while aiming at a state of calm.

Invest in yourself in 2017       5 50-minute sessions for $250.       (Sliding scale available)