Reading Circle East

Who? –    Those who enjoy reading, reflecting, sharing, listening and making connections

What? –   A cross between book club, neighborhood coffee and a weekend retreat

When? –  Tuesday mornings Sept. 5 – Oct. 10; 9:30 – 11:00

Where? – Urban Abbey (1026 Jackson Street)

Why? –    To bring together a circle of seekers who have gathered on purpose to delve, explore, dream, collaborate, inspire and support using the written word as a springboard for conversation and connection

How? –  Get your hands on White Hot Truth, by Danielle LaPorte, and read to p. 46 by Sept.5

Sign up via pay pal ($75)

Circle principles: In a circle all are equal and leadership is shared. When we speak from the heart and listen with intent to understand, we actively create a safe and sacred space, which honors the uniqueness of the individual and the emergence of the collective. In circle we not only listen to individuals, but also to collective themes, connections, wisdom and energy that emerge. Circle forms a container than can hold conflicting viewpoints and diverse perspectives. What is shared in circle stays in circle.