W30 inspired self-care

I was reading through old journal entries the other night and I came upon one from late November, written after having exploded at my kids. I was clearly feeling loads of guilt and remorse when I wrote it. The last line read, “I know beating myself up isn’t going to help. I can only think that maybe drinking and eating poorly doesn’t help either. I don’t want to be so controlling. I feel like I can’t even feel lately. Please god, help me get in touch with my feelings.“ Continue reading W30 inspired self-care

Surrendering control

Day 29 of Whole30 finds me contemplating my reintroduction strategy. Should I do the fast-track model: adding each of the five eliminated groups individually and systematically over the next 15 days to see how my body, mind and spirit respond? Or do I keep going along as I am and only reintroduce when I feel the urge to try a glass of wine, something sweet, a legume-based meal, grain-based snack or dairy product? There are pros and cons to both. If I reintroduce systematically I can be fairly certain of what it is that may be problematic for me, but I hesitate to jeopardize feeling so good. Continuing status quo is another option, but by not systematically reintroducing the foods, I won’t know for a while at least what it is I’m not consuming that allows me to feel so good. I may be missing out on foods I love and thus causing unnecessary burden. Without being under the parameters of the strict plan I also risk blowing it on something that contains multiple food groups, like a chocolate chip cookie made with grains, dairy and sugar. Continue reading Surrendering control