About me

Hi, I’m Katie. I’m 40 years old and I am a teacher, wife and mother of three boys. I am on a spiritual quest to heal myself. I am hopeful the practice of mindfulness will help me become the woman I know I am underneath all my fear. I share with you through blogging my struggles, insights and examinations in the hopes that through writing I can more completely digest my experiences and life-lessons, and in the hopes that perhaps other readers will enjoy and can relate to my journey. I also learn and share what I am learning in class, and I’d love to see you on the mat or in circle.

I chose the name mindfulmama not because this blog will be all about being a mindful parent, but because being a mother inspires me to be a better person, and it inspires me to do it now. My children’s relentless growth is a constant reminder that life is fleeting, and the time to live in the present is NOW, not after my load of laundry is folded or my class is planned. My children also are a beautiful reflection of how I treat myself. Through our interactions, I see  how badly I want to be kinder, more compassionate and less reactive. They are my daily litmus. I know that in order to speak to them with love no matter what the message, I need to learn to speak this way to myself first.

I also chose mindfulmama because I am finally, after four decades, embracing my femininity. In a world dominated by masculine measures and goals, I want to embrace the mama. I want to create, I want to go deep and get dirty. I want not to strive, but to delight in descent, in birthing and in reflection. I want to celebrate the goddess, the earth, cooperation and connection. I want to spend sacred time in my cave, composting failures and grief. I want to slow and honor life’s many cycles. I want to play with magic and not be afraid of the dark.

I want to learn to love myself.